[Hong Kong – 26 November, 2020] As the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps through Hong Kong just weeks before expected large groups of Hong Kong students and residents returning home from abroad for Christmas, the transmission risks and demand for coronavirus testing in Hong Kong is spiralling.  In view of this imminent need, PHASE Scientific International (PSI or PHASE) has released to the market its locally developed and manufactured COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test to provide Hong Kong citizens with a reliable, low-price, and fully self-administered testing option.

[香港 – 2020年11月26日]本港新冠肺炎疫情爆發第四波,確診個案急增,出現傳染力強的新毒株及多個感染群組,加上臨近聖誕,預期大量海外港人及留學生即將回港,將進一步令本港的檢測需求急速上升,增加疫情惡化的風險,情況刻不容緩。相達生物科技國際有限公司(「相達生物科技」或「公司」)因此推出新冠病毒快速抗原測試產品,為市民提供香港研發和製造、便宜易用又快速的選項。

 The PCR test is the primary coronavirus testing option in Hong Kong.  But it takes from 6 to 24 hours from sampling to confirmation of test result. While waiting for results, only those arriving Hong Kong from foreign countries would be placed under quarantine, significantly increasing transmission risk in the community.  A number of experts have called for a large-scale local coronavirus testing scheme to be put in place on a continuous basis to contain the spread of the pandemic.  However, the PCR testing process is complicated and has to be carried out by trained health or laboratory personnel.  Also, despite the downward trending PCR testing fees, they have yet to reach a level that the mass public find affordable on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons why Hong Kong is fighting an uphill battle reaching the zero daily local infections target, which is the prerequisite for launching economy-boosters such as cross boundary health codes and travel buddles.



Made in Hong Kong and locally developed/ 香港研發  香港製造 

In view of this, PHASE is launching a new, locally developed testing product – the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test, which has gone through clinical trials in the United States and been certified by the EU (CE mark).  This Rapid Antigen Test uses nasal swab samples for testing and is easy to use – no assistance from a trained health professional is required in the entire process.  The test result is available within 20 minutes and the accuracy rate is high (90%).  At an affordoable selling price of around HKD120, PHASE believes most Hong Kong people would be keen on getting tested for COVID-19 more frequently.



COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test as a fast, low-price and reliable complement to PCR test / 快速測試便宜可靠  方便較頻密自行檢測 與核酸測試互補

Dr. Ricky Chiu, Founder, Chairman & CEO of PHASE, said, “Under the threat of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, many citizens feel the urge to get tested immediately. Although the PCR test can put people at ease, those tested negative could be infected just after the PCR test as there are invisible chains of transmission in the community. A low-price and simple-to-use, self-administered rapid test can provide a second line of defense and can complement the PCR test in facilitating frequent testing by the mass public on regular bases. Society should not get hung up on accuracy of the test alone but should consider testing strategies balancing price, speed, and popularisation of use, and which can optimize protection for the public."

In addition to the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test, PHASE, in partnership with ONCO Medical Laboratory Ltd, has become one of the nine government recognised COVID-19 PCR testing institutions this month (November).  As a responsible company and to deliver complete peace of mind to the public, PHASE pledges to provide free PCR tests to customers who have been tested positive in the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test.





About PHASE Scientific/關於相達生物科技國際有限公司
PHASE Scientific,  founded by Hong Kong-born scientist Dr. Ricky Chiu (PhD in biotechnology, UCLA), is a fast-growing biotech company building diagnostic tools to empower people with better information, products and services about their health.  Headquartered in Hong Kong, our global footprint includes R&D and manufacturing facilities in Southern California and offices in Mainland China. Phase Scientific has raised more than USD23 million to date, including funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

相達生物科技是一家由香港人招彥燾生物工程博士(美國加州大學洛杉磯分校,UCLA)創立並快速成長的生物技術公司。相達的檢測工具可為人們提供更優良的健康信息、產品與服務,幫助提升健康管理水平。相達總部位於香港,在美國南加州設有研發和生產基地,也在中國大陸設立了子公司。公司成立至今累計取得2,300萬美元融資,包括來自蓋茨基金會的資金 。

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